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25% off Blues Dialogues: Music by Black Composers

Blues Dialogues: Music by Black Composers

This Friday (Oct. 19) Cedille launches its 20th album featuring violinist Rachel Barton Pine: Blues Dialogues: Music by Black Composers (our featured CD of the Week, 25% OFF this week only). The album comprises classical works rooted in the blues by a wide variety of African-descended composers past and present. As a sample, for our free download of the week, I have chosen Rachel’s take on a Jascha Heifetz favorite, the delightfully syncopated Levee Dance by Clarence Cameron White (1880–1960) with its memorable quotation of the spiritual “Go Down Moses” in the middle section. Joining Ms. Pine is her longtime pianist collaborator Matthew Hagle.

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C.C. White: Levee Dance

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