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25% off Brahms & Joachim Violin Concertos

Brahms & Joachim Violin Concertos

This week includes the birthday of the great 19th century violinist and composer Joseph Joachim (June 28, 1831), who features very prominently on violinist Rachel Barton Pine’s groundbreaking 2003 album, Brahms & Joachim Violin Concertos — our featured CD of the week (actually a 2-disc set sold at a single CD price) 25% OFF, this week only. In addition to the great Brahms Violin Concerto, which was written for Joachim, the album includes Joachim’s monumental “Concerto in the Hungarian Style” from 20 years earlier — a work one music critic has called “the Holy Grail of Romantic violin concertos.” For our free download of the week, I have chosen the cadenza Joachim wrote for the first movement of Brahms’s concerto. On the album, you can also hear Rachel Barton Pine’s own cadenza as an alternative. 

The excerpt continues from the cadenza to the end of the movement, so you’ll hear performing with Ms. Pine the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Carlos Kalmar.

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Joachim: Cadenza to Brahms Violin Concerto 1st movement

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