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Values Statement

Cedille Records has always been dedicated to ensuring that the work of Chicago classical music performers and composers is documented and promoted. The diversity of perspectives in Chicago’s great classical music community informs the wide range of performers and composers represented on Cedille.

Cedille Records recognizes that the institutions of classical music have long created barriers against equal access for participation, depriving certain groups of the resources necessary for careers in classical music. While we are proud of the label’s rich catalog, Cedille recognizes it must do even more to take an active role in bringing about systemic change. It is necessary for Cedille not only to continue its important work, but also to create new strategies to further that work and hold ourselves accountable. We believe that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment is critical to supporting Cedille’s mission and necessary to ensure continued artistic vibrancy.

For more information about Cedille’s commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access, please contact us.