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Jennifer Koh

Saariaho X Koh

Rachel Barton Pine, Matthew Hagle

Blues Dialogues: Music by Black Composers

Rachel Barton Pine, Jory Vinikour

J.S. Bach: The Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord

Jennifer Koh

Tchaikovsky: Complete Works for Violin and Orchestra

Jennifer Koh

Bach & Beyond Part 2

Rachel Barton Pine

Mendelssohn and Schumann Violin Concertos

Jennifer Koh, Shai Wosner

signs – games + messages

Rachel Barton Pine

Violin Lullabies

Jennifer Koh

Bach & Beyond Part 1

Rachel Barton Pine

Capricho Latino

Jennifer Koh

Rhapsodic Musings

Rachel Barton Pine

Beethoven and Clement Violin Concertos

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