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Rachel Barton Pine

Violin Lullabies

Alex Klein

Vivaldi Oboe Concertos

Rachel Barton Pine, Ars Antigua

Vivaldi: The Complete Viola d’Amore Concertos

Dover Quartet

Voices of Defiance

Paul Freeman, Czech National Symphony Orchestra

Voříšek: Symphony in D, Mass in B-Flat

Mark Steven Doss

Welcome To My World

Wendy Warner, Eileen Buck

Wendy Warner plays Popper and Piatigorsky

Alex Klein

When There Are No Words — Revolutionary Works for Oboe and Piano

William Ferris Chorale, William Ferris

William Ferris Chorale: Menotti and Vierne

Ursula Oppens, Jerome Lowenthal

Winging It: Piano Music of John Corigliano