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Album of the Week

9/13- 9/19 | Enjoy 25% off Cedille's Featured Release of the Week!

Robert Kurka: Symphonic Works

Grant Park Orchestra / Carlos Kalmar

comprising J.S. Bach’s Solo Sonatas and Partitas plus much later works inspired by Bach’s masterpieces, as a 5 CDs for the price of 2 boxed set — a project 10 years in the making (2011–2020). So I’m making the new box our Album of the Week and including for you to sample below a selection from the first album in the series, Bach & Beyond Part 1 (never before featured in this space and also discounted 25%-off this week): the stately Gavotte en Rondeau from Bach’s Partita No. 3 in E major. I think you’ll hear why critics have called Ms. Koh “a phenomenal virtuoso . . . of radiant intelligence and innate understanding of every piece she attempts” (Audiophile Audition).

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Dover Quartet presents the second installment of its critically acclaimed Beethoven string quartet cycle

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In celebration of National Piano Month, September’s playlist features solo piano music from Cedille

Album of the Week

Enjoy 25% off of Cedille’s Featured Release

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