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Episode 14 — Nicholas Photinos (Eighth Blackbird)

The latest episode of Classical Chicago features an interview with Eighth Blackbird cellist, Nick Photinos. In this episode, Nick discusses Eighth Blackbird's latest album Olagón: a Cantata in Doublespeak and the collaboration between the ensemble, composer Dan Trueman, and Irish vocalist Iarla Ó Lionáird. A modern retelling of an ancient Irish epic, Olagón depicts — not without irony and humor — a privileged “power couple” mired in envy, greed, and adultery, descending into criminality and addiction as Ireland’s “Celtic-Tiger” economy collapses in the early 21st century. Trueman’s score combines elements of the traditional music of Ireland, Norway, and America with the raw urgency and sonorities of contemporary classical music. Muldoon’s text interweaves verses in English and Irish Gaelic, seasoned with word-play and wit. 

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