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The Balkan Project

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The Balkan Project

Cavatina DuoDenis Azabagic

  • CDR 90000 117

Cedille Selects tracks are designed to provide a representative overview of the album

    • Vranjanski Cocek / Raven Dance (Serbian song)* (3:06)

    • CARLOS RAFAEL RIVERA (b. 1970)

      Vranjanski Cocek / Raven Dance (Serbian song)* (3:06)

    • Kad ja podjoh na Bembasu (Bosnian song)* (3:30)

    • VOJISLAV IVANOVIC (b. 1959)

      Kad ja podjoh na Bembasu (Bosnian song)* (3:30)

    • Eleno, Kerko Eleno (Macedonian song)* (4:09)

    • MATTHEW DUNNE (b. 1959)

      Eleno, Kerko Eleno (Macedonian song)* (4:09)

    • Kalajdzisko Oro (Macedonian dance)* (4:34)

    • CLARICE ASSAD (b. 1978)

      Kalajdzisko Oro (Macedonian dance)* (4:34)

    • Psevdah No. 2 / Clear Water (Bosnian song) (6:39)

    • DENIS SPARAVALO (b. 1972)

      Psevdah No. 2 / Clear Water (Bosnian song) (6:39)

    • Sivi grivi (Bulgarian dance)* (4:16)

    • ALAN THOMAS (b. 1968)

      Sivi grivi (Bulgarian dance)* (4:16)

    • Jovano Jovanke (Macedonian song)* (5:12)

    • MICHAEL KARMON (b. 1969)

      Jovano Jovanke (Macedonian song)* (5:12)

    • Ajde slusaj kalesh bre Andjo* (Macedonian song) (3:50)


      Ajde slusaj kalesh bre Andjo* (Macedonian song) (3:50)

    • Kopanitsa da Kalantchatska (Bulgarian dance)* (2:43)

    • BORIS GAQUERE (b. 1977)

      Kopanitsa da Kalantchatska (Bulgarian dance)* (2:43)

    • The Shepherd’s Dream (Croatian song) (5:58)


      The Shepherd’s Dream (Croatian song) (5:58)

    • Jovka Kumanovka (song) (3:54)

    • MIROSLAV TADIC (b. 1958)

      Four Macedonian Pieces

      Jovka Kumanovka (song) (3:54)

    • Zajdi, Zajdi (song) (4:56)

    • Zajdi, Zajdi (song) (4:56)

    • Gajdarsko Oro (dance) (1:59)

    • Gajdarsko Oro (dance) (1:59)

    • Pajdushko (dance) (3:52)

    • Pajdushko (dance) (3:52)

    • Makedonski pesen (Macedonian song) (2:59)


      (from his Four Legends)

      Makedonski pesen (Macedonian song) (2:59)

    • Rachenitsa (Bulgarian dance)* (3:49)


      Rachenitsa (Bulgarian dance)* (3:49)

Album Description Download Full CD Booklet

The Cavatina Duo, “excellent instrumentalists and sensitive musicians” (, has captivated concert audiences worldwide with their enchanting blend of Spanish passion and Balkan sensibility.

On The Balkan Project, their second and newest Cedille Records CD, Spanish-born flutist Eugenia Moliner and Bosnian-born guitarist Denis Azabagic expand the boundaries of flute and guitar music with a program of more than a dozen works inspired by traditional Balkan folk songs and dances. Nine of the compositions were commissioned by and dedicated to the Cavatina Duo and are world-premiere recordings.

Looking at the culturally rich crossroads of civilization that are the Balkans, ten contemporary composers have chosen, as their points of departure, music from Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bugaria, and Croatia reflecting the region’s distinctive harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic signatures.

“Each piece goes far beyond mere quotation of a melody or a form to reveal the true essence of the source material,” writes Bosnian composer Vojislav Ivanovic in the CD booklet notes. “All the works on this disc also beautifully exploit the timbres and technical possibilities of the guitar and flute to provide a vehicle for the extraordinary artistry of Denis and Eugenia.”

The Cavatina was the first flute and guitar duo to grace the cover of England’s Classic Guitar magazine and has been featured in Guitarra Magazine on the Web, in Soundboard magazine in the U.S., and elsewhere.

In a review of the ensemble’s Cedille Records debut, Acrobats: Music of David Leisner, American Record Guide said, “The playing is spectacular!” Fanfare magazine echoed that assessment: “it’s doubtful that the Cavatina’s sophisticated and artistic playing could be surpassed.” Pan, the British Flute Society magazine, praised Moliner as “an excellent, exciting and imaginative flute player” and said Azabagic “plays with both great virtuosity and sensitivity.

Critic Reviews

“This CD offers exceptional interest and diversity. . . . it ranges impressively in style, mood, and color. . . . The performances of Eugenia Moliner, flute, and Denis Azabagic (a Balkan himself), guitar, are entirely on top of the music, dispatching it with passion, grace, and élan.” -- Jeremy Marchant

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Program Notes

Album Details

Total Time: 66:30

*Commissioned by and dedicated to the Cavatina Duo Producer: Jim Ginsburg

Producer: Jim Ginsburg
Engineer: Bill Maylone
Art Direction: Adam Fleishman —
Cover Photo: Yolanda Camarillas, Burriana, Spain
Recorded: December 17 and 18, 2008, and June 29, 2009, in the Fay and Daniel Levin Performance Studio at WFMT, Chicago

© 2010 Cedille Records/Cedille Chicago

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