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20th Century

Rachel Barton Pine

Instrument of the Devil

Chicago Chamber Musicians

20th Century French Wind Trios

Easley Blackwood

Blackwood Plays Blackwood

Chicago Opera Theater

Gian Carlo Menotti: The Medium

Paul Freeman, Czech National Symphony Orchestra

Prairie: Tone Poems by Leo Sowerby

Patrice Michaels

To Be Sung Upon the Water

Ramon Salvatore, Rudolph Ganz, John La Montaine, Paul Freeman

Chicago Concertos: Piano Concertos by Ganz and La Montaine

Chicago Chamber Musicians

David Diamond Chamber Music

John Bruce Yeh, Easley Blackwood

Clarinet Sonatas by Blackwood and Reger

Ramon Salvatore

Copland Piano Music — Romantic & Modern

Easley Blackwood

Easley Blackwood: Microtonal

Rembrandt Chamber Players

20th Century Baroque

Ramon Salvatore

Music in the American Grain

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