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Leo Sowerby


A Sowerby Celebration

In honor of his 125th birthday, Cedille reflects on its first Sowerby recording

Leo Sowerby

Cedille Records has a 30-year history of recording and sharing the artistry of Chicago’s outstanding classical talent — past and present — with a worldwide audience, including the exceptional work of Leo Sowerby (1895–1968). In honor of his 125th birthday anniversary (May 1), we’re delighted to share the special history of our first recording to feature the distinguished Chicago composer.

Since 1997, Cedille has been “sweet on Sowerby”

In July 1997, Cedille released Prairie: Tone Poems by Leo Sowerby, featuring Sowerby orchestral works conducted by Chicago’s Paul Freeman. This was the first time Sowerby’s work appeared on the Cedille label, prompting a special marketing campaign that would surely leave a tasteful impression.

Nat Silverman, Cedille’s PR director, devised a campaign to promote the release in the sweetest way by including another Chicago creation in the press package: a box of sweet and sour Lemohead candies with customized packaging highlighting details of the release.

Original Lemohead packaging, customized to promote Cedille’s first Sowerby release.

This specialty campaign was well received, and gained recognition in the classical column of Billboard Magazine.

Since then, Cedille has gone on to produce four more albums comprising Sowerby works including: Symphony No. 2 — and other works, The Pulitzer Project, American Works for Organ and Orchestra, and our most recent Sowerby release, Selected Works for Solo & Duo Piano.

We hope that this bit of Cedille history brightens your day, and inspires you to explore more of our Leo Sowerby catalog.


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