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Voices of Defiance

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Dover Quartet

  • CDR 90000 173


The longer Cedille Selects track excerpts are designed to provide a representative overview of the album

    • I. Allegro moderation, Presto, Largo (12:02)

    • VIKTOR ULLMANN (1898—1944)

      String Quartet No. 3, Op. 46 

      I. Allegro moderation, Presto, Largo (12:02)

    • II. Allegro Vivace, Poco largamente (2:44)

    • II. Allegro Vivace, Poco largamente (2:44)

    • I. Overture (8:31)

    • DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH (1906—1975)

      String Quartet No. 2 in A major, Op. 68

      I. Overture (8:31)

    • II. Recitative and Romance (11:39)

    • II. Recitative and Romance (11:39)

    • III. Waltz (5:18)

    • III. Waltz (5:18)

    • IV. Theme with Variations (10:20)

    • IV. Theme with Variations (10:20)

    • I. Allegro quasi presto (6:09)

    • SZYMON LAKS (1901—1983)

      String Quartet No. 3

      I. Allegro quasi presto (6:09)

    • II. Poco lento, sostenuto (7:18)

    • II. Poco lento, sostenuto (7:18)

    • III. Vivace non troppo (5:27)

    • III. Vivace non troppo (5:27)

    • IV. Allegro moderato, giusto (5:27)

    • IV. Allegro moderato, giusto (5:27)

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Voices of Defiance, the Dover Quartet’s second Cedille Records album, presents quartets of passion, hope, and resilience whose beauty defies the horrors that surrounded their creation.

“The young American string quartet of the moment” (The New Yorker) delivers an original, deeply felt program of three European composers’ distinctive responses to the destruction and despair of World War II. Czech composer Viktor Ullmann’s powerful String Quartet No. 3, written in the Theresienstadt concentration camp in 1943, draws inspiration from Debussy’s Impressionism and Schoenberg’s serialism. The ensemble’s muscular approach to Dmitri Shostakovich’s epic String Quartet No. 2 from 1944 emphasizes its tragic qualities, befitting the album’s theme. A captivating discovery for most listeners, Szymon Laks’s lyrical String Quartet No 3, written in 1945 following his evacuation from Auschwitz and liberation from Dachau, revels in folk melodies from his native Poland in contrasting scenes of heartbreak and ecstasy.

Winner of a 2017 Avery Fisher Career Grant and the first prize and all special prizes awarded at the 2013 Banff International String Quartet Competition, this “terrific quartet” (National Post) brings its “confident, sinewy playing of distinctive sound and ample nuance” to this recording of profound 20th century masterworks.

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Program Notes

Album Details

TT: (73:06) 

Producer Theresa Leonard
Engineer Mark Willsher
Recorded March 19–21 2016, Rolston Recital Hall, the Banff Centre, Banff Alberta, CA
Graphic Design Rubric

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