sevenfive — The John Corigliano Effect

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sevenfive — The John Corigliano Effect

Gaudete Brass

  • CDR 90000 169


The longer Cedille Selects track excerpts are designed to provide a representative overview of the recording (not applicable to all albums)

    • Entrance (1:37)

    • DAVID SAMPSON (b. 1985)

      Entrance (1:37)

    • Gazebo Dances Overture (4:26)

    • JOHN CORIGLIANO (b. 1938) arr. Cliff Colnot

      Gazebo Dances Overture (4:26)

    • I. Limited (3:07)

    • JONATHAN NEWMAN (b. 1972)

      Prayers of Steel

      I. Limited (3:07)

    • II. Foxtrot (2:23)

    • II. Foxtrot (2:23)

    • III. Prayers of Steel (3:53)

    • III. Prayers of Steel (3:53)

    • IV. City of the Big Shoulders (2:08)

    • IV. City of the Big Shoulders (2:08)

    • sevenfive (2:47)

    • STEVEN BRYANT (b. 1972)

      sevenfive (2:47)

    • Antiphon (2:48)


      Antiphon (2:48)

    • ROAR (3:09)

    • JEREMY HOWARD BECK (b. 1985)

      ROAR (3:09)

    • Still (6:51)


      Still (6:51)

    • I. Artifacts (5:32)

    • CONRAD WINSLOW (b. 1985)

      The Record of a Lost Tribe

      I. Artifacts (5:32)

    • II. History (8:16)

    • II. History (8:16)

    • III. Ceremonies (3:39)

    • III. Ceremonies (3:39)

    • Fanfares to Music (4:17)


      Fanfares to Music (4:17)

Album Description Download Full CD Booklet

Gaudete Brass, a quintet devoted to presenting serious brass chamber music and commissioning new work, brings a fresh perspective to music of John Corigliano with an inventive album of brass works by the prolific American composer and his protégés. 

“The excellent Gaudete Brass” (Gramophone) honors Corigliano, winner of Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, and a Pulitzer Prize, with world-premiere recordings of his groundbreaking Fanfares to Music for on- and off-stage brass choirs, his stately Antiphon for double brass quintet, and a new arrangement of the Rossini-esque Overture from his popular Gazebo Dances.

Gaudete commissioned the title track, Steven Bryant’s sevenfive, in honor of Corigliano’s 75th birthday, and the numbers seven and five figure prominently in its musical architecture. David Sampson’s boisterous Entrance opens the program, while his surprisingly restrained Still is luxuriously lyrical. Jonathan Newman’s Prayers of Steel evokes the Midwest landscapes in Carl Sandburg’s poetry. Jeremy Howard Beck’s ROAR exploits the brasses’ ability to do just that. Conrad Winslow’s The Record of a Lost Tribe summons an imaginary, bygone civilization. All except Entrance receive their world-premiere recordings on the album.

Critic Reviews

Steven Ritter Audiophile Audition

"Great sonics, sterling execution, and a high level of compositional expertise."

David Vernier Classics Today

"Here's a disc that shows off all the cool things brass players do . . . Cedille's sound delivers the full you-are-there texture and timbre of a real live brass ensemble experience."

Ronald E. Grames Fanfare

"The quintet . . . is technically exemplary and unerringly stylish, whether the work is euphonious or more discordant. The Cedille trademark is a guarantee of a superb recording - rich, detailed, and open - the notes are brief but informative, and the concept compelling. Brass fans in particular will want to explore this tribute to one of America's most influential composers . . . and this fascinating music by several of his most noteworthy proteges."

Colin Clarke Fanfare

"This is a most stimulating and energizing release."

Christian Hoskins Gramophone

"All the pieces receive committed performances from Gaudete Brass and are superbly recorded."

The Infodad Team

"Much of the success of this disc rests with the fine playing by the members of Gaudete Brass . . . especially enjoyable for listeners who enjoy Corigliano's music and ones impressed by the quality of the playing of Gaudete Brass."

"This is great brass playing by accomplished master players . . . The recording is a remarkable achievement that will no doubt continue to highlight the significant musical contributions of this excellent ensemble, a giant composer, and the remarkable influence of his teaching."

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Program Notes

Album Details

TT: (56:10)

Producer/Engineer: Judith Sherman
Editing: Bill Maylone
Editing Assistance: Jeanne Velonis
Recorded: Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville, IL December 1–3, 2014; May 8–9, 2016
Graphic Design: Twin Collective
Cover Art: Tom Bachtell
Entrance (2004) David Sampson
Still (2013) David Sampson
Roar (2013) Why You Call Me Boo Music
sevenfive (2013) Gorilla Salad Productions
Prayers of Steel (2013) Ok Feel Good Music
Record of a Lost Tribe (2013) The Winslow Inn
Fanfares to Music (1993) G. Schirmer
Antiphon (1994) G. Schirmer
Gazebo Dances (1972) G. Schirmer, arranged by Cliff Colnot (2013)

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