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Oppens Plays Carter

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Oppens Plays Carter

Ursula Oppens

  • CDR 90000 108

Cedille Selects tracks are designed to provide a representative overview of the album

    • 90+ (1994) (4:55)

    • ELLLIOTT CARTER (1908-2012)

      90+ (1994) (4:55)

    • Retrouvailles (2000) (1:38)

    • Retrouvailles (2000) (1:38)

    • Night Fantasies (1980) (19:48)

    • Night Fantasies (1980) (19:48)

    • I. (4:03)

    • Two Diversions (1999) (7:28)

      I. (4:03)

    • II. (3:21)

    • II. (3:21)

    • Matribute* (2007) (2:05)

    • Matribute* (2007) (2:05)

    • I. Maestoso; Legato scorrevole (10:22)

    • Piano Sonata (1945-46) (23:31)

      I. Maestoso; Legato scorrevole (10:22)

    • II. Andante (13:03)

    • II. Andante (13:03)

    • Intermittences (7:04)

    • Two Thoughts About the Piano (2005-06) (10:55)

      Intermittences (7:04)

    • Catenaires* (3:48)

    • Catenaires* (3:48)

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Ursula is very grateful to Brandon Fradd and the Musical Explorations Society, whose sponsorship made this recording possible.

Cedille Records celebrates composer Elliott Carter's 100th birthday (December 11) with Oppens Plays Carter, the only fully-complete CD survey of Carter's solo piano works, including two world premieres, performed by one of his leading interpreters - American pianist Ursula Oppens.

The disc brings together the composer whom Aaron Copland called "one of America's most distinguished creative artists in any field" with a pianist "known particularly for the intelligence, technical skill and warmth she brings to... contemporary music." (Grove Music)

The disc features Carter's pivotal Piano Sonata (1945-46), the breakthrough work in which Carter found his voice and projected the scope of his talent, and his transcendental Night Fantasies (1980), written for a group of four pianists including Ms. Oppens, who gave the premiere. Seven shorter pieces written between 1994 and 2007 complete the disc, which concludes with the world premiere recording of Carter's virtuosic Catenaires (2006), a harmonically compelling, fiendishly difficult, toccata-like succession of rapid-fire 16th notes.

Oppens Plays Carter is the perfect tribute to the "Dean" of American composers by the pianist most closely associated with his music.

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Program Notes

Album Details

Total Time: 70:53

*World Premiere Recording(s)

Producer & Engineer: Judith Sherman
Engineering & Editing Assistant: Jeanne Velonis
Graphic Design: Melanie Germond
Cover Photo: Christian Steiner
Photo of Elliott Carter and Ursula Oppens (p. 3 & traycard): Malcolm Addey
Recorded: February 4-8, 2008, at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, NYC
Steinway Piano

90+, Retrouvailles, Two Diversions for Piano, Two Thoughts about Piano (Catenaires and Intermittences): Hendon Music, Inc.
Night Fantasies: Associated Music Publishers
Matribute: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
Piano Sonata: Theodore Pressser Company

© 2008 Cedille Records/Cedille Chicago

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