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Beethoven & Clement Violin Concertos

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Beethoven & Clement Violin Concertos

Rachel Barton Pine

  • CDR 90000 106

Cedille Selects tracks are designed to provide a representative overview of the album

    • I. Allegro maestoso (16:06)

    • FRANZ CLEMENT (1780-1842)

      Violin Concerto in D Major (1805) (40:49)
      Cadenzas by Rachel Barton Pine

      I. Allegro maestoso (16:06)

    • II. Adagio (12:48)

    • II. Adagio (12:48)

    • III. Rondo: Allegro (11:50)

    • III. Rondo: Allegro (11:50)

    • I. Allegro ma non troppo (24:47)

    • LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827)

      Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61 (1806) (44:21)
      Cadenzas by Rachel Barton Pine

      I. Allegro ma non troppo (24:47)

    • II. Larghetto (9:21)

    • II. Larghetto (9:21)

    • III. Rondo (10:10)

    • III. Rondo (10:10)

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Beethoven's towering Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61, has always seemed an isolated phenomenon -- so different from the other violin concertos of its era -- until now . . .

On Beethoven & Clement Violin Concertos, American violinist Rachel Barton Pine ("a magnetically imaginative artist" --Gramophone), with Jose Serebrier and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, presents the world premiere recording of the exquisite 1805 Violin Concerto in D Major by Franz Clement -- the Viennese virtuoso for whom Beethoven wrote his own concerto a year later. Recently rescued from obscurity by enterprising British musicologist Clive Brown, this delightful work offers new insights into the Beethoven: according to Brown, "Individual figurations in Beethoven's Violin Concerto . . . appear to allude directly to passages in Clement's concerto."

Rachel Barton Pine is the ideal interpreter for these two late-Classical era gems. After a recent performance of the Beethoven concerto in New England, a newspaper critic raved, "Pine played Beethoven's music with profound regard for every brick of its architecture and every beat of its heart." She applies the same level of insight to the concerto by the violinist who inspired Beethoven's piece, superbly supported by London's renowned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and acclaimed Maestro Jose Serebrier.

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Program Notes

Album Details

Total Time: 85:10

Producer: James Ginsburg
Session Director: Judith Sherman
Engineer: Bill Maylone
Graphic Design: Melanie Germond
Photos of Rachel Barton Pine: Andrew Eccles
Recorded: November 27 & 28, 2007 in Lyndhurst Hall, AIR Studios, Hampstead, London
Rachel Barton Pine’s violin: "ex-Soldat" Guarneri del Gesu, Cremona, 1742
Strings: Vision Titanium Solo by Thomastik-Infeld
This recording is based on the following edition: Franz Clement: Violin Concerto in D Minor (1805), edited by Clive Brown, Recent Researches in the Music of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, vol. 41. Middleton, WI: A-R Editions, Inc., 2005. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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