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American Orchestral Works

40% off CD purchase in April with code: SPRING17

Carlos KalmarGrant Park OrchestraLeo SowerbyMichael Colgrass

  • CDR 90000 090

The longer Cedille Selects track excerpts are designed to provide a representative overview of the album

    • All in Good Time (1994) (10:36)

    • BARBARA KOLB (b. 1939)

      All in Good Time (1994) (10:36)

    • Sarabanda in Memoriam (1997-arr. 2003) (17:34)

    • AARON JAY KERNIS (b. 1960)

      Sarabanda in Memoriam (1997-arr. 2003) (17:34)

    • I. Largo (8:15)

    • MICHAEL HERSCH (b. 1971)

      Ashes of Memory (1999) (19:29)

      I. Largo (8:15)

    • II. Molto Grave (11:10)

    • II. Molto Grave (11:10)

    • Midsummer Fanfare (2004) (5:49)

    • JOHN CORIGLIANO (b. 1938)

      Midsummer Fanfare (2004) (5:49)

    • I. Praeludium-Fantasia (6:43)

    • JOHN HARBISON (b. 1938)

      Partita for Orchestra (2000) (22:00)

      I. Praeludium-Fantasia (6:43)

    • II. Rondo-Capriccio (2:29)

    • II. Rondo-Capriccio (2:29)

    • III. Aria-Sarabande (7:34)

    • III. Aria-Sarabande (7:34)

    • IV. Courante-Gigue (5:03)

    • IV. Courante-Gigue (5:03)

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Cedille Records' recordings of American music with the Grant Park Orchestra (ensemble in residence for Chicago's summer Grant Park Music Festival) and principal conductor Carlos Kalmar have garnered raves and awards for their spirited performances and spectacular sound.

Their newest CD, American Orchestral Works contains world-premiere recordings of music by three generations of contemporary composers, some well established, others poised for greatness.

Featured are Barbara Kolb's propulsive All in Good Time (1993), Aaron Jay Kernis's richly chromatic Sarabanda in Memoriam (2003), Michael Hersch's powerful Ashes of Memory (1999), John Corigliano's celebratory Midsummer Fanfare (2004), and John Harbison's masterfully crafted Partita for Orchestra (2000).

Recorded in the new, acoustically superb Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Chicago's Millennium Park, Cedille's vibrant American Orchestral Works is not your typical summer fest fare.

Critic Reviews

The New York Times (www.nytimes.com)

"[Carlos] Kalmar and the Grant Park Orchestra perform . . . with exuberance, commitment and edge."

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Program Notes

Album Details

Total Time: 76:00

World Premiere Recording

Producer: James Ginsburg
Engineer: Eric Arunas and Bill Maylone
Recorded "Live" in Concert: July 1 & 2, 2004 (Kolb, Kernis, Hersch) and July 1 & 2, 2005 (Corigliano, Harbison) at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance, Millennium Park, Chicago
Graphic Design: Melanie Germond, Pete Goldlust
Front Cover Photo: The Grant Park Orchestra performing in the Jay Pritzker Pavilionin Chicago’s Millennium Park © Kosta Trimovski

©2006 Cedille Records/Cedille Chicago