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Recordings connect artists with listeners

Help Cedille Records record and promote Chicago’s finest artists.

“Just performing sometimes feels temporary. You perform, it’s out there, it’s gone. But when you record, you’re creating something that’s going to exist like a visual work of art. It’s a permanent thing you have. It puts a stamp on it.”

—Anthony McGill

“The interesting thing about making a recording, and why it’s so relevant, is it shapes the way we think about that music knowing that we’re going to put it down for an eternity. It makes you think about the music in a certain way that you might not if you’re just gonna get up and play it once [in concert]. You think about your legacy when you make a recording.”

—Brandon Vamos, Pacifica Quartet

“Recordings are important for artists because it allows [us] to reach the largest number of people. We play concerts all over the country and all over the world, but there’s no way that on tour [we] can play for as many people in a year as a recording can reach.”

—David Skidmore, Third Coast Percussion

“Recordings are a document not only of the piece, but of the performers in that moment in their careers. Recordings are forever — they are a memento of that particular time in performers’ careers, in their lives, and beyond their lives.”

—Alex Klein

“Recording is very important for artists as a way to document our creative ideas. When we play live concerts, it’s exciting in a different way — you experience the live performance but when it finishes you [only] have the memory to keep with you. Recordings are something that you can come back to and listen to it again.”

—Yuan-Qing Yu, Civitas Ensemble

“Without Cedille’s recordings of my music, my career would not be where it is today. The remarkable quality of Cedille’s artists and production team, coupled with the great amount of promotional work that they do to get these recordings disseminated, reviewed, and played on airwaves, is what has brought my music to national and international attention.”

—Stacy Garrop

“Recordings are particularly important for young artists’ careers because it gives an artist a chance to really put themselves out there to really showcase their talent and what they’re about to a wider audience.”

—Matthew Lipman

“I think recordings are important on a couple levels. I think it’s a way to reach audiences that geographically [I] haven’t toured to, and it’s a way to present the work of composers to a larger audience. That can be incredibly impactful especially for composers and performers.”

—Jennifer Koh

“Cedille Record’s …mission is to support artists through these recordings to make their music available to the wider public and preserve it for posterity, but also to elevate their performing careers through the creation of these records. This is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to supporting the art form that we all love.”

—Rachel Barton Pine

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