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Martin D. Ginsburg Society

Cedille Records has released more than 170 recordings since our founding in 1989, including the world-premiere recording of over 250 works (contemporary and historical). To this day, all Cedille recordings — even our very first — remain available. Cedille does not remove recordings from its catalog. Ever. Our mission is to promote and preserve the work of our artists, and it’s crucial to them that their professionally produced albums remain always accessible. It is their musical legacy. And with your support, it can be part of your legacy.

The Martin D. Ginsburg Society honors those who pledge to support Chicago’s classical music 
beyond their lifetimes by including Cedille Chicago, NFP in their wills, trusts, or other estate
planning documents. 

For information on how to get started, contact Julie Polanski by email or phone (773) 989-2518.

Presentations from the Martin D. Ginsburg Society Luncheon
June 5, 2018
University Club of Chicago

Jim Ginsburg welcomes guests.


Jim Ginsburg introduces the Cedille artists, the Lincoln Trio.


Marguerite Griffin discusses advantages and disadvantages of Donor-Advised Funds and private foundations, with Q&A.


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