Tribute: Dover Quartet Plays Mozart

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Tribute: Dover Quartet Plays Mozart

Dover QuartetMichael Tree

  • CDR 90000 167


The longer Cedille Selects track excerpts are designed to provide a representative overview of the recording (not applicable to all albums)

    • I. Allegro (6:24)


      Quartet in B-flat Major, K. 589

      I. Allegro (6:24)

    • II. Larghetto (6:37)

    • II. Larghetto (6:37)

    • III. Menuetto: Moderato (6:23)

    • III. Menuetto: Moderato (6:23)

    • IV. Allegro assai (3:45)

    • IV. Allegro assai (3:45)

    • I. Allegro moderato (8:51)

    • Quartet in F Major, K. 590

      I. Allegro moderato (8:51)

    • II. Andante (6:21)

    • II. Andante (6:21)

    • III. Menuetto: Allegretto (4:03)

    • III. Menuetto: Allegretto (4:03)

    • IV. Allegro (4:50)

    • IV. Allegro (4:50)

    • I. Allegro (9:41)

    • String Quintet in C Minor, K. 406 (ft. Michael Tree, viola)

      I. Allegro (9:41)

    • II. Andante (4:25)

    • II. Andante (4:25)

    • III. Menuetto in Canone (4:14)

    • III. Menuetto in Canone (4:14)

    • IV. Allegro (6:50)

    • IV. Allegro (6:50)


Album Description Download Full CD Booklet

The Dover Quartet, “the young American string quartet of the moment” (The New Yorker), makes its recording debut with an all-Mozart album on Cedille Records honoring the soaring young ensemble’s illustrious teachers and coaches,the Guarneri Quartet.

The Dover’s debut album recalls the Guarneri’s own all-Mozart debut album on RCA Red Seal 50 years ago (1966),which featured Mozart’s final two string quartets — in B-Flat, K. 589, and F, K. 590. The Dover’s album on Cedille adds Mozart’s Quintet in C Minor, K. 406, performed with none other than Michael Tree, the Guarneri’s founding violist and one of the Dover’s most valued mentors.

The Chicago Tribune proclaimed, “The Dover Quartet players have it in them to become the next Guarneri String Quartet — they’re that good.” The Tribune cited the group’s “expert musicianship, razor-sharp ensemble, deep musicalfeeling and a palpable commitment to communication.” The Washington Post urged chamber-music lovers to “put theDover Quartet on their to-hear list.” The New York Times described the quartet’s playing as “sublime.”

Formed in 2008 at Philadelphia’s Curtis Institute of Music and recently appointed as faculty quartet in residence at Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music, the Dover Quartet has won multiple awards, including the GrandPrize and all three Special Prizes at the 2013 Banff International String Quartet Competition and the Cleveland Quartet Award in 2015.

Critic Reviews

John J. Puccio Classical Candor

"Needless to say, the Dover Quartet capture every minute of it with a passionate clarity . . . First-rate transparency, superb balance, the whole is as natural and realistic as one could want. Another superb recording from Cedille."


". . . the entire CD is evidence that the Dover Quartet is a new ensemble that any lover of string quartets will want to discover as soon as possible."

Remy Franck Pizzicato

"After a series of historically informed and finely shaped recordings of Mozart's chamber music, it's really good to hear one so dynamic, virtuoso, and immediately appealing."

Bob Neill Positive Feedback

"This is how definitive performances are supposed to sound. I was forced to remember how wonderful and original Mozart is . . . Buy this album and it will be lucky you. [The Dover Quartet] appear[s] to be the next new and quite possibly great thing."

"The most auspicious first album release of any new string quartet I can ever recall . . . First-rate support from producer/engineer Judith Sherman in the sound booth captures the total commitment of a gripping performance."

Jerry Dubins Fanfare

"This is music-making not of the highest order but of the next order. On a number of occasions, I've remarked on how blessed we are to be living in a golden age of string playing. The Dover Quartet now takes that to the next level, platinum."

Paul E. Robinson Musical Toronto

"The Dover Quartet and Michael Tree get more out of this music than I can remember hearing in any previous performance. But they do it not by being different. One never feels that the music is being pushed or pulled to try to make it more exciting or more profound. They know exactly when to take their time . . . This is glorious music-making and I enjoyed every minute of it. May the Dover Quartt endure for 45 years, as their mentors in the Guarneri did before them."

Steven Ritter Audiophile Audition

"This is a smart debut from a quartet that has a brilliant future ahead of it, and Cedille producer and engineer Judith Sherman has given it her best effort from the Rehearsal Hall at the Curtis Institute in a marvelously detailed and warm recording. Let's hope for much, much more."

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Program Notes

Album Details

TT: 73:10

Producer: Judith Sherman
Editing: Bill Maylone
Recorded: December 8—10, 2015; Miriam & Robert Gould Rehearsal Hall, Curtis Institute of Music
Graphic Design: Twin Collective
Photography: Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

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